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High School Musical JR.

Assistant Directed by Mimi Harlow Robinson

The Freshmen Cast

The Senior Cast

From May 2021 - October 2021, Mimi assistant directed two virtual, live streamed productions of High School Musical JR with BAA Onstage. Mimi was involved in every aspect of the production, from the planning and casting processes, to the creative vision construction and post production editing. BAA Onstage's High School Musical JR. brought together talented performers from across the country to rehearse the show remotely on Zoom in two casts, affectionately called the "Freshmen" (ages 9-14) and "Senior" (ages 15-21) casts. Each performer was tasked with setting up their own shots and equipment and filming themselves individually, so Mimi's background in film production was an integral part of the show's success. She lead fellow members of the Creative Team in creating shot lists for the production and instructed the performers how to read and execute them; she also combed over footage to ensure all sight lines, continuity, and other filming details were executed properly, and communicated with performers when re-shoots were needed. On top of all the technical elements Mimi worked with the young actors on, Mimi also coached their performances and helped facilitate their creative approaches to their roles.

The show was live streamed in late late October 2021 and received fantastic reviews from the performers' local communities and invited New York industry!

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