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I'm excited you're here!

My name's Mimi, and I'm a multi-hyphenate performer, coach, and creator currently based in London. I'm in the UK pursuing my MFA in Professional Acting at LAMDA, but I've previously lived and worked in New York City where I founded my own performance and audition coaching studio. Teaching is a deep passion of mine, and I love working with students from all around the world on song and monologue repertoire building, audition technique, and college audition preparation. While I'm in the UK pursuing my graduate degree, my studio's policies have adjusted in order to meet the requirements of my international student visa. 

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Keep up with all my adventures, insider tips, and honest takes on the theater industry (and more) by following me on TikTok and Insta! 

I love to connect with students and folks there to discuss everything from audition song suggestions, college program recommendations, to the reshaping the business.

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