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I'm excited you're here!

My name's Mimi, and I'm a multi-hyphenate performer, coach, and creator currently based in London. I'm in the UK pursuing my MFA in Professional Acting at LAMDA, but I've previously lived and worked in New York City where I founded my own performance and audition coaching studio. Teaching is a deep passion of mine, and I love working with students from all around the world on song and monologue repertoire building, audition technique, and college audition preparation. While I'm in the UK pursuing my graduate degree, my studio's policies have adjusted in order to meet the requirements of my international student visa. 

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My Coaching Specialties


Audition Book Building

Single & Multi Session Options

Are you looking to build your Musical Theater audition book with new songs and cuts that feel authentic to you? Mimi will find you some gems to help you shine in any room! In the meantime, check out this blog post to learn more about her approach to book building.


Monologue Rep Building

Single & Multi Session Options

Do you struggle to find monologues that "sound like you?" Mimi is an avid reader, audience member, and "stealer of all good monologues." She's got a stockpile of phenomenal pieces waiting for you.   


College Audition Coaching 

Single & Multi Session Options

Mimi is an expert on the US College Audition process for Acting and Musical Theater programs. If you or your student are looking into a performing arts degree, Mimi's knowledge and experience will help!


Audition and Callback Coaching

Single Sessions

Preparing for a big audition and need some help fine tuning your material? If you'd like consistent lessons, reach out via email to get in touch!


Branding Services for Actors

Need someone to help you pick a new headshot from your latest shoot? Formatting help on your resume? Want assistance building your website? Mimi can help!


College Essay Coaching

Looking for guidance on how to write an effective, authentic essay for your college applications? Mimi is an award winning writer and loves to help students shine in this component of their applications. 

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