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College Conversations
De-Mystifying the Collegiate Performing Arts Experience (& Beyond!)

Join me for a series of Instagram Live conversations that sheds some light on the relationship between collegiate theater programs, and post-grad careers in the entertainment industry. For many young artists, college is a vital time for self exploration and growth, and attaining a degree in Musical Theater, Acting, Theater Studies, or a myriad of subjects can help give you the skills, connections, and confidence to begin your career on a great foot. For others, college isn’t essential to get started (which we’ll talk about too!). However, applying to, auditioning for, and working through college arts programs can be a tremendously vulnerable and challenging experience, and unfortunately, many students lack access to information that could make the process easier. Even worse: there are self proclaimed experts out there who sow confusion and push unhelpful, misguided narratives about what students “must” do in order to be deemed “successful.” I’m here to say, there is no singular way to “make it” as a performer, theater artist, etc, and no requirement to attend a certain college arts program in order to work professionally. With the help of some insightful friends and colleagues working in every corner of the industry, this “College Conversations” series will shatter preconceived notions about the college arts experience. It is my goal to help you explore within yourself what drives you as an artist, and show you that there are countless environments, in college and elsewhere, that can help you achieve your goals. Join me and some exciting guests in dialogue about every facet of the college arts experience!

Season 1 Intro.png

Episode One (2/3/2022)
Wesley Diener

Episode Two (2/10/2022)
Julie Galorenzo

Episode Three (2/14/2022)
Gabbi Mack

Episode Four (2/24/2022)
Scheherazade Quiroga

Episode Five (3/3/2022)
Lydia Flock

Episode Six (3/17/2022)
Jimmy Larkin

Episode Seven (4/15/2022)
Alden Gagnon

Episode Eight (4/21/2022)
Emily Jeanne Phillips

Episode Nine (4/28/2022)
Dekontee Tucrkile

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