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This guide is a state by state breakdown of US colleges and universities that offer BFA, BA, BM, BS (and some AA) degrees in Musical Theater, Acting, and General Theater Studies. 


Mimi's Guide to Collegeiate Theater and Performance Programs is the perfect resource for students and families setting out to navigate the college application and audition process. While making your list of schools, this resource will help inform you what vast and specific opportunities exist in programs around the US. Featured for each college or university listed is a direct link (or two) to the theater/music department wesbites, taking the busy work out of the way for you. 


This packet will save you valuable time and guesswork as you research what collegiate performance and theater programs are right for you! 


This guide is always included in Mimi's College Audition Coaching Packages, so if you would like access to this document + individual attention and guidance, it's recommended that you check out how you and Mimi might work together on this journey!

Mimi's Guide to Collegiate Performance and Theater Programs

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