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Pride and Prejudice

Directed by Mimi Harlow Robinson

 Production Photos by Maddy Mallory Bratcher 

From the Director's Note of the Program:


"I want to take a moment to thank you for attending Spectrum's production of Pride and Prejudice. Putting on this show has been a dream of mine ever since I stepped onto Grounds as a first year and witnessed the stunning atmosphere of the University of Virginia, and I have to first and foremost thank my incredible mother for supporting me in this dream, and for standing behind my at every turn of my creative impulses, without hesitation. I don't know how I got so lucky, Mom. You are my whole world. 

At its core, this story addresses the importance of overcoming damaging judgments, of championing our own dignity in the face of harsh societal restrictions, and of choosing love over derision, and I want to express my profound thanks to every person who poured thier energy into bringing those sentiments to life. This experience has further solidified for me that nothing can be done alone, and everything worth doing ought to be shared. So, thank you, to everyone who has had a hand in bringing this dream to life, and for saying "yes!" to such a challenging and whimsical idea. And thank you, to all of you in the audience, for saying "yes" to live theatre in all its forms and attending this particular performance. Please, please please continue to say yes."

- Mimi Harlow Robinson

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